Our Mission

Our mission is to connect bright and dedicated students in the developing world with the mentorship and financial resources they need to pursue higher education and catalyze ongoing positive change in their home communities. Through lean and efficient operations, we cultivate dignified and mutually enriching cross-cultural relationships for students, staff, and supporters alike.

Our Vision

A world where higher education is financially accessible to all.


Our Values

  • Dignity:

    • Our relationships are grounded in mutual respect, openness to growth, and a recognition of our diverse abilities. We value the interdependence of Kapadia Education Foundation, supporters, and students and commit to equitable partnerships as we work toward increasing access to education around the world.​​

  • Generosity:

    • We adopt an abundance mindset in both spirit and structure. Our model relies on the generosity of supporters, which extends to our students, who in turn commit to “pay it forward” in their own communities. We are generous of heart and mind toward ourselves, our students, and our supporters as we navigate the many complexities of the educational journey.

  • Efficiency:

    • Our lean and efficient operations allow us to serve as a conduit for distributing resources to our students, maximizing each dollar’s impact.

  • Educational Access:

    • We affirm the inherent value of education in all its forms and its transformative ability to increase agency, cultivate leadership, and unlock the potential of communities around the world.


Our funding is based on generous sponsors who are willing to fund a student's education. Once a sponsor has agreed to fund a student for a year of higher education, we provide the sponsor with a choice of our top student candidates.  $800 covers an entire year of school fees, on average, for most of these students. This is the true cost of sponsorship, including all international wire transfer fees, bank charges, administrative time, etc.  


The Foundation administers the financial and personal support between a sponsor and a student in the following ways.


1) We find passionate students who are seeking higher education to fulfill their potential to better their communities in their home countries.  

2) We find financial sponsors and mentors willing to support student candidates through direct, one-to-one correspondence. 

3) We initiate, encourage, and otherwise support each sponsor/student candidate relationship through the entire period of sponsorship, through graduation.

4) We follow up with each successful graduate and encourage them to become a sponsor or mentor to future student candidates in their home country.  


Financial contributions from each sponsor go toward the direct expenses of school fees, room, board, and educational supplies for the sponsored student. It is expected that the annual costs of sponsoring a student will be $600 or less. Sponsored students agree to not ask their sponsor for any additional funds.

Our Team

Pradeep Kapadia,


Yazan Fattaleh,

Executive Director

Kaitlyn Waynick,


Aparna Passey,


No person or entities outside of Kapadia Education Foundation has the right to offer scholarships on behalf of Kapadia Education Foundation. Additionally, no one is authorized by Kapadia Education Foundation to charge a fee of any kind, or offer any guarantees of any kind.


Sponsorships are offered for free, and application fees of any kind for any purposes are specifically prohibited by Kapadia Education Foundation. 


If anyone is asking for a fee to assist you in your application, please decline their request and report it to us at info@kapadiaef.org.

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