David Asplund Scholarship Fund

David Asplund, a long-time supporter, sponsor and mentor at Kapadia Education Foundation, passed away on May 22, 2013. The Foundation has set up the David Asplund Scholarship Fund, which sponsors at least one student in his memory every year in perpetuity. 


Contributions to the David Asplund Scholarship Fund may be made by check to Kapadia Education Foundation and sent to 1031 33rd Street, Denver, CO, 80205, USA, or via the PayPal button below. Please include a note saying you would like this contribution to be applied to the David Asplund Scholarship Fund. 


A tax deduction certificate will be issued to each donor. The status and progress of the student recipient of the David Asplund Scholarship Award will be posted and updated on this website. 

Recipients of David Asplund Scholarship Fund
The following students have been sponsored in the memory of David Asplund!

Joan Babirye

Lugazi, Uganda

Joan was awarded a scholarship through the David Asplund Scholarship Fund to fulfill her dream of going to school to become a midwife. Joan believes that it is important to set the example of obtaining her degree for her siblings, as her father passed away and she now serves as a role model for her family. 


She has now successfully graduated with a Diploma in Midwifery from the Lugazi School of Nursing in Uganda. Now that she is done with school, Joan hopes to assist in as many life-saving childbirths as possible now that she is a qualified midwife. Joan would not have been able to impact her community by serving as a midwife if she were not sponsored by the David Asplund Scholarship Fund. 

Alexander Kogoya

Blantyre, Malawi

Alexander is a bright driven young man that had a hard time pursuing a post-secondary degree in mathematics,  partially because his mother passed away in 2015. With the help of the David Asplund Scholarship Fund, Alexander has now graduated with a degree in mathematics at the University of Malawi, Polytechnic. 

Now he is proud to be fulfilling his dream as a mathematics professor at the same university he graduated from. 

Congratulations on your accomplishments, Alexander! 

Ndiuzayani Zaya

Blantyre, Malawi

Ndiuzayani was sponsored by the David Asplund Scholarship Fund to obtain her Bachelor's of Arts in Education from the University of Malawi. Although her father passed away, making it challenging for her to focus on her studies, she kept her head in the books. Ndiuzayani hopes to become a teacher, manager, or accountant and feels that because she was raised in a poor community it is her duty to give back to those in need once she has gotten an education.

With hard work and determination, Ndiuzayani has now graduated with a Bachelor's in Education. She currently holds a job in her community and hopes to transition to teaching soon. 


Congratulations on all of your hard work, Ndiuzayani!

Cornelius Koberwa

Kampala, Uganda

Cornelius is a bright and driven student, who was working as a trash collector when he applied for a sponsorship with Kapadia Education Foundation. His father passed away and his mother was unable to cover any of his school fees, which made obtaining a degree a far off dream. 

Now, with the generosity of the David Asplund Scholarship Fund, Cornelius has graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the Team Insitute of Business Administration in Uganda. Cornelius is one of our bright and shining students, and we were honored to be able to provide him with a scholarship for college in honor of David Asplund. 


Bravo, Cornelius!

Beatrice Odera

Kisii, Kenya

Beatrice has been sponsored by the David Asplund Scholarship Fund to pursue a Diploma in Social Work and Community Development at Liverpool Institute of Business and Development Studies in Kenya. Because her father passed away at a young age, her family was not able to afford her education. 

Thanks to the David Asplund Scholarship Fund, she has been given a second chance to pursue her dreams. Way to go, Beatrice! 

Muna Acharya

Kathmandu, Nepal

Muna was awarded the sponsorship from the David Asplund Scholarship Fund to pursue a Bachelor's degree of Nursing. She was our first sponsored student from Nepal! She believes that becoming a nurse is one of the most important careers for women in Nepal. When applying for the sponsorship, she wrote, "I would like to encourage women in my society for skill-oriented training and education so that they never have to die only because they are a girl, or because they gave birth to a girl." 

Muna has now successfully graduated with her Bachelor's degree in Nursing and is working as a Nurse in Nepal. Way to go, Muna!


Shedrack Tweve

Mafinga, Tanzania

Shedrack is a hard-working 27 year old male who was awarded a scholarship through the David Asplund Scholarship Fund to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Development Finance at the Institute of Rural Development Planning in Tanzania. Shedrack has been personally impacted by the high rate of HIV/AIDS infection in his community and plans on giving 25% of his salary to help provide better access to health care and other critical services to those affected by this vicious disease.

Shedrack has now successfully completed his studies and is working as a Loan Officer at a bank in Tanzania. Nice work, Shedrack!

Dorothy Khadule

Njoro, Kenya

Dorothy is a driven 23 year old female awarded a sponsorship in honor of David Asplund to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Veterinary Medicine at Egerton University in Kenya.

In her application for sponsorship, she says, "My college education will enable me to achieve my basic needs, as well as help me to improve the living standard of our community by supporting the poor potential students to complete their education and work to improve the working class members in society." Now that she has successfully graduated with her degree, she has done just that. She is now employed and serves as a role model to youth in her community who are considering whether or not to attend school. 

Good work, Dorothy!

Mariam Mtwange

Tanga, Tanzania

Mariam Mtwange was 29-years-old when she began pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Education with a focus in History. Although she was dealing with many difficult issues outside of school, she stayed focused and completed her studies. "Kapadia Education Foundation gave me hope," she said. "I now know that nothing is impossible and I will never give up on my dreams."

Without the generosity of the donors who contributed to the David Asplund Scholarship Fund, Mariam would still be hopeless. 

Cheers, Mariam, on your accomplishments!

Caroline Winny Aloko

Mbale, Uganda

Thanks to the David Asplund Scholarship Fund, Caroline is working towards a Bachelor's of Science in Communication and Media Technology from Livingstone International University in Uganda. Having grown up in a household of 12, she believes that a good education is key for success and that her studies will allow her to better help and inform her community.

Caroline is scheduled to graduate in 2022. 

Ali Kasolo

Kampala, Uganda

Ali Kasolo was awarded a scholarship in honor of David Asplund to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communication and has high hopes of making a change in his community and across Uganda. He wants to use radio and television to bring change by helping the masses get their voices heard in government. Ali also would like to work with non-governmental organizations and train others in the skill of mass communication.

Now that he has graduated, he has set up a marketplace for Farmers to Sell their goods. One day he hopes to open a small media institute for others like him who are passionate about mass communications. 

Nice work, Ali!

Isabirye Sinani

Waina Village, Uganda

Thanks to the David Asplund Scholarship Fund, Isabirye was able to fulfill his dreams by pursuing and graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Procurement and Supplies Management from Kampala International University in Kampala, Uganda. He is now working hard in order to obtain funding for a Master's degree in Uganda to further his career. 

Great job, Isabirye!

No person or entities outside of Kapadia Education Foundation has the right to offer scholarships on behalf of Kapadia Education Foundation. Additionally, no one is authorized by Kapadia Education Foundation to charge a fee of any kind, or offer any guarantees of any kind.


Sponsorships are offered for free, and application fees of any kind for any purposes are specifically prohibited by Kapadia Education Foundation. 


If anyone is asking for a fee to assist you in your application, please decline their request and report it to us at info@kapadiaef.org.

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