Meet Gloria Baltazari

Showing the trademark determination of a KEF alumna, Gloria Baltazari’s motto during the COVID-19 crisis remains,

“I can, I will, and I must.”

The coronavirus has caused major setbacks for everyone, but in Gloria’s case, it has stalled her campaign for Tanzanian parliament. Before the pandemic, she planned to spend this time discussing her ideas for reformation and law changes with local chairmen and representatives. Though this next step is on hold, and Gloria has been temporarily furloughed, she has not lost faith in her cause.

“This corona outbreak is very much challenging but my belief is that, this also will pass. I believe that this year I will be a member of parliament to assist my fellow Tanzanians…”

Despite these setbacks, Gloria’s confidence and positivity remain unwavering as she continues to advocate for necessary change in her community. In Tanzania, women are not allowed the same rights and opportunities as men, and other marginalized populations are denied proper legal care and education. Gloria has focused her career as a legal professional advocating for vulnerable groups such as: female victims of abuse or rape, children in conflict with the law, and others who are unfairly denied access to legal support.

Always paying it forward, Gloria says, “...I will support others whenever I can do so.”

This life of service and advocacy has shaped Gloria’s goals as the only female parliamentary candidate in her district. She hopes to become the Minister for Women and Children so she can provide better legal rights, leadership, equitable education, and equal employment rights. If elected, she will introduce a motion to expand the opportunities for education and find a way for everyone, regardless of class or gender, to receive the education they deserve.

We are humbled to see the lives that Gloria has and will continue to improve since receiving her education, and she is grateful for the impact that KEF has had on her life.

“Every time every hour I pray to the foundation so that you can assist other students who will make wonders in their life and others' lives.”

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