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COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund

Coronavirus has quickly become a truly global issue that is disrupting even the very ways we greet each other. Educational systems around the world have been up-ended, and so have our students’ lives. Most of their schools are closed for the foreseeable future, yet our KEF scholars and alumni are jumping to action.

We have heard from dozens of students who have shared how this pandemic has impacted their communities. Lower levels of infrastructure have quickly led to increased chaos and difficulty putting food on the table and meeting other basic needs.

Despite this hardship, we have seen selfless actions from many of our students. Putting others’ lives above their own, KEF students are “paying it forward” by helping in clinics, taking care of the elderly, and ensuring that young children are fed. We have also seen several students setting up hand washing stations at markets and teaching their communities proper techniques to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

Left, Bina Gonthi in Malawi ensures that everybody entering her local market has adequately washed their hands. Right, Charles Waiswa in Uganda continues working as a doctor in his local clinic, serving his community despite a reduction of his salary and inadequate resources.

Though these students have been instrumental in carrying their communities through this crisis, they do not have the resources necessary to meet their basic needs.

Kapadia Education Foundation has launched a COVID Emergency Relief fund which has already distributed hundreds of dollars to our students and alumni who need support to meet their basic needs and continue providing necessary relief to their communities around the world.

Our mission to catalyze ongoing positive change in students’ home communities does not stop just because schools have closed. Our Emergency Relief Fund is already supporting a few of our students, and we look forward to reaching as many of our scholars as possible.


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