Sponsoring a student through Kapadia Education Foundation is the most impactful donation you can make this year. 

At Kapadia Education Foundation, our mission is not only to provide scholarships, but to cultivate dignified and mutually enriching cross-cultural relationships for students, staff, and supporters alike. We intend that providing a scholarship to a student through Kapadia Education Foundation’s scholarship program will enrich your life as a positive experience. Whether you choose to mentor the scholarship recipient yourself or receive annual updates from the foundation, this scholarship program is for you as much as it is for our scholarship recipients.


All scholarship recipients are committed to “paying it forward” in their home communities and using their education to serve others and better their communities from the inside out. We sincerely believe, and research has shown us time and time again, that education is one of the most sustainable solutions to poverty. Our scholarship recipients have gone on to become medical professionals, environmentalists, educators, lawyers, and the likes to the benefits of thousands in their communities around the world. Your contribution will positively impact the students that we serve, and also their families and communities through their good work.

Note: A tax deduction certificate is issued to each donor.

Lyton Kyotalimye Testimonial Pic.jpg

“I must confess that I am no longer the timid girl that just surfaced to the campus of Health Tutors College but rather a fully groomed professional with adequate knowledge, change of attitude with improved clinical and pedagogical skills.


Without you, I would not have been able to make it this far academically. I will always forever be grateful for the change you have given me a chance to be part of and the impact I will be in my community."

-Lyton Kyotalimye 

Uganda, Medicine

Scholarships Needed for Top Scoring Applicants:
Farhan Ullah Photo.jpg
Farhan ullah

Pakistan, 23 | Bachelors in Law | Expected Graduation Date: 1/23 | Provide an annual KEF scholarship for $800 per year | Total Required Commitment: $1,600 over 2 years

Farhan has dreamed of becoming a lawyer since he was a child. Growing up in a family that valued academics allowed Farhan to become interested in learning and gain a curiosity for understanding how things work. This desire to figure out the details within a field pushed Farhan toward the emerging field of law in his country. Farhan hopes to be part of developing the field of law within Pakistan, and work to become an influence within the community. 


"The pleasure I got from studying made me decide to pursue a career in law and to be specific in law. Law is an emerging field in Pakistan.... By gaining a degree in law it can help me in fulfilling my goals as well as serving my community."- Farhan

In order to continue better understanding the field of law, Farhan hopes to continue his education, following earning his Bachelors degree, and pursue a Masters degree. To better expand the field of law in Pakistan, Farhan plans to pursue his Masters from a foreign University that provides more expert teaching. 

Muhammad Anis 

Pakistan, 23 | Telecommunications | Expected Graduation Date: 2/23 | Provide an annual KEF scholarship for $800 per year | Total Required Commitment: $1,600 over 2 years

Muhammad has been interested in the way that technology works all of his life. His desire to learn more about telecommunications increased as the technology playing a role in his community also grew. As telecommunications is a newer field within Pakistan, Muhammad hopes to learn about the technology that is beginning to be utilized within his community. As he will be learning about the ins-and-outs of the field while the need for those working in telecommunications will grow, Muhammad plans to be a part of the generation that will advance the technology used in his country. 


"My passion for engineering was born from a love of finding out how things work under the hood. More recently I became increasingly intrigued by the new wave of technology that is becoming more integrated to our daily lives." - Muhammad


Muhammad hopes to continue pursing his education and understanding of telecommunication by attending post-graduate school following the reception of his degree. Playing a role in the emergence of more advanced technology within Pakistan will allow Muhammad to pursue his passion while serving his community.