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Sponsoring a student through Kapadia Education Foundation is the most impactful donation you can make this year. 

At Kapadia Education Foundation, our mission is not only to provide scholarships, but to cultivate dignified and mutually enriching cross-cultural relationships for students, staff, and supporters alike. We intend that providing a scholarship to a student through Kapadia Education Foundation’s scholarship program will enrich your life as a positive experience. Whether you choose to mentor the scholarship recipient yourself or receive annual updates from the foundation, this scholarship program is for you as much as it is for our scholarship recipients.


All scholarship recipients are committed to “paying it forward” in their home communities and using their education to serve others and better their communities from the inside out. We sincerely believe, and research has shown us time and time again, that education is one of the most sustainable solutions to poverty. Our scholarship recipients have gone on to become medical professionals, environmentalists, educators, lawyers, and the likes to the benefits of thousands in their communities around the world. Your contribution will positively impact the students that we serve, and also their families and communities through their good work.

Note: A tax deduction certificate is issued to each donor.

Lyton Kyotalimye Testimonial Pic.jpg

“I must confess that I am no longer the timid girl that just surfaced to the campus of Health Tutors College but rather a fully groomed professional with adequate knowledge, change of attitude with improved clinical and pedagogical skills.


Without you, I would not have been able to make it this far academically. I will always forever be grateful for the change you have given me a chance to be part of and the impact I will be in my community."

-Lyton Kyotalimye 

Uganda, Medicine

Scholarships Needed for Top Scoring Applicants:
Screen Shot 2022-07-25 at 5.03.15 PM.png
JULIAN Nagaddya

Rwanda, 25 | Bachelor's Degree in Architecture | Expected Graduation Date: 2025 | Provide an annual augmented KEF scholarship for $2,500 per year | Total Required Commitment: $7,500 over 3 years.

In 2019 Julian completed 3 years of Architecture Design training at Martys University in Kampala Uganda but was unable to find permanent work with architecture firms because most of them required a 5-year degree. Julian was able to find unpaid training with Civil Aviation Authority and assisted with the expansion of Entebbe airport. She found opportunities to intern with organizations such as Engineering Ministries International and that helped fuel her determination to return to school and earn her architecture degree.

“I have developed a passion for storytelling through sustainable community-based architecture and a deeper curiosity for issues like culture, identity, equity, and diversity and how these affect different communities and in turn their architecture. I would like to provide architecture services to marginalized communities as everyone has a right to good design just like the right to food." 

Julian is currently in year 3 of a 5-year architecture program in Rwanda and plans to become a licensed
architect and practice in her home country of Uganda. She hopes that as young professional women she will be an inspiration to others to pursue their dreams, and she looks forward to doing good and important work for her community.

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