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Sponsoring a student through Kapadia Education Foundation is the most impactful donation you can make this year. 

At Kapadia Education Foundation, our mission is not only to provide scholarships, but to cultivate dignified and mutually enriching cross-cultural relationships for students, staff, and supporters alike. We intend that providing a scholarship to a student through Kapadia Education Foundation’s scholarship program will enrich your life as a positive experience. Whether you choose to mentor the scholarship recipient yourself or receive annual updates from the foundation, this scholarship program is for you as much as it is for our scholarship recipients.


All scholarship recipients are committed to “paying it forward” in their home communities and using their education to serve others and better their communities from the inside out. We sincerely believe, and research has shown us time and time again, that education is one of the most sustainable solutions to poverty. Our scholarship recipients have gone on to become medical professionals, environmentalists, educators, lawyers, and the likes to the benefits of thousands in their communities around the world. Your contribution will positively impact the students that we serve, and also their families and communities through their good work.

Note: A tax deduction certificate is issued to each donor.

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“I must confess that I am no longer the timid girl that just surfaced to the campus of Health Tutors College but rather a fully groomed professional with adequate knowledge, change of attitude with improved clinical and pedagogical skills.


Without you, I would not have been able to make it this far academically. I will always forever be grateful for the change you have given me a chance to be part of and the impact I will be in my community."

-Lyton Kyotalimye 

Uganda, Medicine

Top-scoring applicants currently seeking a sponsor
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Robert N. Sitta

Tanzania, 24 | Health Systems Management | Mzumbe University 2023

Cost of tuition per year: $684.53 (three years needed)

Robert is a bright and dedicated student who understands the value of education more than most. After thriving during his first year of University in 2018, he was unable to support himself financially for a second year and was forced to move back home. The taste of a quality education showed Robert all the doors a degree could open, and he has no intention of letting those opportunities go. If supported by KEF, Robert would complete his college degree and dedicate his life to ensuring other students will not have to discontinue their studies as he did. 


“It’s my hope that my request will be accepted and worked upon for my today`s betterment as well as tomorrow. The future of the whole world includes assisting the poor and other people subjected to problems such as me.”


Already, he has pledged 25% of his future salary towards our scholarship program to benefit the next generation of financially-insecure students. He also is passionate about women’s rights, hoping that one day he will find a way to end early marriage for women and grant them equal  access to education. 

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Victoria Gakor

Ghana | Medical Laboratory Sciences | University of Health and Allied Science, 2022

Cost of tuition per year: $480.35 (two years needed)

It is difficult to describe Victoria with anything less than an autobiography. As she says herself, “I am a goal-driven lady.” 


Victoria has lived by a code of determination and strength her entire life. After her father’s death at age four, she and her siblings were told they would never make anything of themselves. A lack of financial resources promised a lifetime of poverty and hunger. Yet, the judgement and doubt of her community fueled Victoria’s ambition, rather than stifling it. After graduating high school, she spent three years working menial jobs to pay for her college education- an integral step towards Victoria’s dreams of becoming a STEM superstar. She is passionate about learning and identifying the causes of diseases so that her community members can receive proper diagnosis and treatment. Victoria plans to research more effective methods of sickle-cell anemia identification and open a private Medical Laboratory- some profits of which would go towards educating vulnerable children in her community. 


“A Ghanaian philosopher once said, if you educate a man, you educate an individual. But if you educate a woman, you educate the entire nation.” --Victoria

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John Kato

Democratic Republic of the Congo | Accounting and Finance | Bugema University | 2022

Cost of tuition per year: $X (two years needed)

“As a child raised by a single mother who is also vulnerable and cannot afford to pay my tuition at the university, the assistance offered by Kapadia Education Foundation would be of a great importance in achieving my goals as I work towards making my dreams alive, creating a difference in the world.”

John has big plans for his future, and he is already making them happen. He is passionate about educating and broadening career opportunities for young people in his community, something which he is already doing through his beauty salon and cosmetic shop. He opened this business as a way to generate income, but also to provide jobs and professional counseling for teens to focus their efforts on work instead of crime. Breaking away from this, he teaches math and mentors youths in his Kyangwali refugee settlement, discussing ideas of peacebuilding and entrepreneurship with partner organizations such as Youth Mind Africa and Planning for Tomorrow. John has no intention of stopping this stewardship post-graduation. He hopes to invest in agriculture to supply food to the starving regions of DCR, and use the profits to support the orphans in his community. This will be in tandem with his ongoing efforts to mentor young people and introduce them to the business world. 


“So freely I receive help from Kapadia education foundation, freely I will give back to my community with much commitment and passion.” --John

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Ulemu Mndalira

Malawi | Nutrition and Food Science | Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources | 2022

Cost of tuition per year: $724.63 (two years needed)

Ulemu has done extensive research on the harmful effects of malnutrition and has personally seen how an improper diet negatively affected her own community. As she noted in her application, poor nutrition can lead to reduced immunity, increased susceptibility to disease, impaired physical and mental development, and reduced productivity. Ulemu has watched high volumes of children grow up with poor cognitive ability due to their lack of proper nutrition. She has felt the pain of seeing pregnant mothers have premature babies, fail to produce breast milk, and give birth to children with diseases such as neonatal death due. Ulemu feels a personal responsibility to graduate with a degree in Nutrition and Food Science so that she can stop these tragedies in her community. 


“My areas of focus will be in the special groups of people in the Communities like Under Five Children, Pregnant and Lactating Mothers, People Living with HIV/AIDS and elderly. The aim will be to equip them with knowledge on choosing the most nutritious foods and how to prepare it.” --Ulemu


Her brother has helped fund her schooling, but the financial burden of tuition has become too much to bear. A scholarship from KEF would ensure that Ulemu could complete her degree and return home to dramatically lower her community's disease and mortality rates.

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