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KEF Community Perspectives: Trey’s Donor Story

Here at Kapadia Education Foundation, our scholars remain our greatest success. Behind each success story, though, is our community of donors. Through their support, we provide ambitious students in low-resource countries with the financial support they need to improve their livelihoods—and the lives of others.

As we look to 2024, we have one major goal in mind: To provide even more scholarships to aspiring students and form even more connections between our donor community and our KEF scholars.

In 2022, KEF received 212 applications from students interested in scholarships—but we only had the means to fund 41% of eligible new students. Together, we can increase our impact in 2024 by ensuring that every qualified KEF applicant becomes a KEF scholar!

By being an active member of our donor community, you have the chance to make a real impact on real lives—like KEF donor Trey P.R., who has sponsored four students and graciously supports our various scholarship funds.

Below, we dive into Trey’s motivations for being a donor and the impact she’s already made within two years' time.

How long have you been a KEF donor?

I have been a KEF donor for two years—after meeting KEF’s founder, Pradeep Kapadia, in the United Kingdom. I have now sponsored four students and donated additional funds to support our scholars in Delhi.

What attracted you to being a part of the KEF donor community?

Pradeep’s enthusiasm for the foundation is infectious, as is his ability to help educate as many people as he can in his lifetime. He is the driving force of the foundation. Over the past twenty-four years, he has freely given his time, energy, and focus on a daily and weekly basis to KEF. His dedication, impact, and devotion are significant and know no bounds. He is an inspiration to the next generation and a force for good.

I just think about what the world would be if there were more people like him.

Are there any student stories that have particularly resonated with you?

Sponsoring my first student, Betty from Uganda, and mentoring her was a significant milestone for me as well as for KEF, as Betty was the foundation's 500th student!

It has been something I have thoroughly enjoyed participating in and will be traveling to Uganda to meet Betty next month. We have formed a close bond and are in regular contact through WhatsApp.

A photo of Betty, a KEF student, and Yazan, KEF's executive director. Betty is leaning onto Yazan's shoulder and smiling while Yazan stands next to her, smiling with his arms crossed.
Betty pictured with KEF executive director Yazan Fattaleh.

What would you say to someone who is considering donating but hasn't taken steps to do so just yet?

KEF has now sponsored 778 students, so there is a snowball effect happening. With the help of our many private sponsors and with the voluntary, valuable time of the members of the KEF board, along with the support of organizations such as The Ojai Rotary Club, lives are being changed for the better. And with one prerequisite being that each of the students must 'pay it forward,’ the effects are continually multiplying.

I understand that with the monies that were recently donated by Pradeep's late brother, Chika (whose scholarship fund can be found here), next year—in the 25th year of the foundation—we can work toward bringing the number of students up to 1000. That will be a significant achievement.

After all, not only are students qualifying for a KEF scholarship, but they are changing their communities for the better by way of example. There’s Kayaka, who has opened up a medical practice in his community. His KEF sponsor was a doctor, and upon retiring, sent his equipment to Kayaka, who now uses it in Uganda.

And there’s Faustin, who organized for solar lighting to be installed around a water pump. Before, it was dark for his community. He is now looking to roll this out further afield.

A photo of a man (KEF scholar Kayaka) standing on a wooden, handmade ladder that's angled from the side of a building to the ground.
Kayaka standing outside of his clinic in Uganda.

Pradeep and the KEF board members should be very proud of their combined achievements, and I, along with all the other sponsors, wish them continued success in making such a difference in the world. If someone is thinking of donating, then please do. Whatever you can afford, whenever you can, you’ll be making a difference in somebody’s life.


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