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Meet Alberto Rogerio Nhalungo

“With an education you can see things clearly - education is a key.”

KEF scholar, Alberto Rogerio Nhalungo, recognized the impact education had on his own life and is “paying it forward” in a big way. When the Coronavirus pandemic shut down schools in Mozambique, Alberto reached out to KEF for emergency funds to ensure that the children in his village could continue their education. With his grant from the COVID-19 Emergency Fund, he

“...set up a small space to continue with lessons that were stopped due to the pandemic, with children living close to my neighborhood, from grade 1-4. I provided exercise sheets, school notebooks, pencils, pens and I hope to start having school lunches for the children as well. This small group of kids are everyday being taught about the importance of hygiene during this pandemic.”

Alberto exemplifies what it means to value education and pay it forward, even in the toughest of circumstances.


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