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Meet Charles Waiswa

Once again as I write now, I feel a very deep joy in me, my family and oh the joy I give to my community, you have very greatly changed my situation...”

Within just one week of receiving a donation from our COVID-19 Emergency Relief fund, KEF alumnus Charles Waiswa has taken immediate action and made life-changing impacts within and beyond his Ugandan community.

Despite the risk of contracting COVID-19, Charles continues to jeopardize his safety as a nurse at a clinic in the Mukono district near Kampala.

“God supported me through a compassionate hand of KEF and I knew he would protect me through,” he says.

The emergency fund has provided Charles with the resources to buy himself and his coworkers proper face masks along with daily meals to allow for longer and safer hours in the office. He also purchased bars of soap to cut into smaller pieces and hand out to his patients, as many of them must prioritize buying food over hygiene products.

Reaching beyond the clinic, Charles has sent funds to his family in Uganda who were “crying of hunger” and nearing a point where they could no longer support his efforts in the Mukono district. Additionally, with the help of his friends and sister, Charles has distributed bags of posho, beans, and soap to his home village. This team also worked to identify and transfer money to several of the families who are struggling the most during this lockdown.

We are honored to support people such as Charles who work tirelessly to ensure the well-being of others. We find hope in stories such as his and look forward to the continuous positive impacts that will come from change-makers similar to him.


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