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The 2022 Kapadia Education Foundation Annual Report

Though we are a small team here at Kapadia Education Foundation (KEF), we are mighty! Through the tireless efforts of the KEF board of directors, we are thrilled to share with our community the 2022 Kapadia Education Foundation annual report!

The report, in no small feat, was brought to life through the stories of our scholars, donors, and board members. Like our small yet mighty team, our community truly showed up for KEF scholars in 2022. Your impact led to …

  • the admittance of 85 new KEF scholars;

  • two-hundred and twelve scholarship applications received;

  • the KEF graduation total brought to 377 graduates; and

  • 21 countries represented from across the globe!

Download the 2022 KEF Annual Report today!

2022 KEF Annual Report
Download PDF • 809KB

As of December 2022, our scholars span 58 different fields of study. From agriculture and engineering to botany and veterinarian school, KEF scholars use their scholarships to pursue incredible, interdisciplinary careers.

A photo of a young woman named Arzoo. She wears her hair in a braid and smiles for the camera in front of a blue wall.
A photo of Blossom Bus scholar, Arzoo.

Scholars like Arzoo, who was connected to KEF through the Lotus Outreach International’s Blossom Bus program in India. In 2021, we shared a bit about Arzoo and her story as a young woman in rural India. Despite the cultural setbacks, Arzoo pursued a career as a Korean Language Interpreter. During the 2022-2023 school year, Arzoo continued her pursuit and completed her level-4 in Korean Language. At the same time, Arzoo was engaged in an internship at the Korean Cultural Center in Delhi. Sabrina Fawcett, Trustee & Executive Manager of Programs at Lotus Outreach International, shared with us that once finishing her internship, Arzoo hopes to start her career as an interpreter.

When asked why he was inspired to begin donating to a fund that inspires students in underserved countries, Kapadia Education Foundation founder Pradeep Kapadia had this to say: “My donations honor the students who work harder than I ever did to achieve that college education. Their hurdles dwarf anything I had to overcome. My donations are worth nothing more than the inspiration I get from each student who succeeds in getting educated. It’s like a confirmation of my own achievements when I look at a smiling graduate.”

An image of KEF founder, Pradeep Kapadia, speaking at an event.
KEF founder, Pradeep Kapadia

In his 2022 annual letter, which you can read today by downloading the report, Pradeep reflects on 2022, the personal trials and tribulations it brought, and why his commitment to the KEF mission remains unwavering.

“...together we will learn new tricks on how to raise money and then how to best spend it on the one thing we do well: giving our students a good college education that will serve and sustain their communities.”

Thank you for another incredible year!

Onwards and upwards,

The KEF Team


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