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Celebrating Bibi, Recent KEF Graduate!

We are delighted to announce the graduation of Bibi, a KEF scholar in Pakistan, who recently graduated with a Masters in Archaeology! Due to COVID-19 lockdowns, many of our scholars have had delayed graduation dates and final exams. This is usually the time that we celebrate many of our scholars graduating and receiving their degrees, but this year looks a little different. Bibi is one of the few KEF scholars who was able to graduate this winter, and we couldn’t be more excited for her!

Last year, Bibi’s story was featured as she challenged gender roles in Pakistan by pursuing her education and using her partnership with the British Council to empower young women in her community. During her time at college, Bibi spread awareness about brutality against women and children through WhatsApp groups designed to teach women and girls how to exercise their rights. Bibi’s mentor, Kaelyn, was an integral part of Bibi’s support system throughout her educational journey, lending strength and encouragement, as Bibi earned her degree.

Now that she’s graduated, Bibi plans to obtain her Ph.D. and to find a job utilizing her Masters in Archaeology. Her work with the British Council remains very close to her heart, and Bibi steadfastly affirms her continued and future support for this group, saying:

“I will always do work voluntarily for women empowerment with [the] British Council and for any other organization who work for human rights through my heart.”

Bibi will continue to help other students in need in the same way that KEF was able to help her with her own degree. She remains devoted to her passion for empowering others through education, and fortunately for us, we’ve been able to watch Bibi grow and impact the lives of people around her.

We are so thrilled to celebrate Bibi and her graduation from Hazara University this year, and we look forward to seeing her implement exciting new changes in her community!

The Top Applicants page on our website features applicants, like Bibi once was, seeking scholarships to pursue their education and change their home communities.


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