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Celebrating Our KEF Laptop Heroes

Over the past few years, KEF supporters have rallied to send over 120 laptops to alumni and current KEF scholars pursuing their degrees across the globe. Many of these laptops were received and distributed by local Rotary volunteers who dedicated their time towards connecting students with the technological resources they need to obtain their degrees. Remote learning during COVID-19 lockdowns has increased the need for laptops around the world.

KEF is honored to introduce three Laptop Heroes, Sophie, Chris, and Cathy. Laptops donated by Chris and Cathy have been shipped onto KEF Scholars around the world. Rotarian, Sophie B., Rotary Club Kasangati and Head of Secondary North Green School, has played an instrumental role in distributing laptops to KEF Scholars in Uganda. They all have embodied the KEF spirit of Paying It Forward.

Chris’s connections at a local tech and computer sales shop MJP Technologies, in Ventura, CA, allows us to procure enough laptops to continue supporting the educational endeavors of many of our scholars. Working in tech himself, Chris recognized and understood the necessity for increasing access to technology among KEF Scholars. After reaching out to the team at MJP, Chris was able to forge a relationship that secures dozens of Chromebooks for KEF scholars.

When asked about why he donates, Chris replied, “I don’t really do it for self-promotion it’s just the right thing to do.”

“Through this laptop, I will be connected with the world to pursue my vision.” -Felicien, KEF Scholar, pictured above.

Cathy, in Chicago, was looking for a way to get involved when she heard about KEF's Laptop Program. She realized this was an easy and powerful way to support the development of communities around the world. Cathy reached out to her mortgage company, Draper and Kramer, and they were eager to help. Through them, Cathy was able to donate 17 used HP Laptops to KEF to be distributed to various scholars in need.

In Cathy’s own words, “My company stepped [up] to the plate when I emailed them about the possibility.”

With generous help from her company in donating laptops, Cathy also took to social media, giving voice to the need for student sponsorships and motivating friends from her social network to become KEF supporters as well.

“Don’t be afraid to reach out to your social network. [Kapadia Education Foundation] is a cause that anybody could support. And don’t be afraid to reach out to your company,” Cathy says, encouraging readers to become laptop donors and to recognize the impact of their dollar.

Like Chris, Cathy also recognizes that technology is an essential part of education. Almost everything in today’s business world requires a laptop and an internet connection, and obtaining and learning how to use these tools is a necessary part of accessing higher education.

None of these laptop donations, however, would reach KEF students without the tireless efforts of Sophie, a KEF supporter and Rotarian from the Rotary Club Kasangati in Uganda. Sophie acts as a laptop distributor in Kampala, using her position as the Head of Secondary North Green School to receive laptops there as a distribution point. Sophie has also been a tremendous help in facilitating the transfer of laptops from Ugandan Customs to her school, where KEF scholars can easily pick up their new Chromebooks and continue their studies online.

Though she is an integral part of increasing access to higher education, Sophie considers her role humbly, saying, "Whatever I did, I had to do to complete the chain of kindness."

Thanks to the generous contributions of Chris, Cathy, Draper & Kramer, and Sophie, KEF provided 30+ laptops to students like Felicien. Felicien is studying Public Administration and Management to help with the development of his rural community in the D.R. Congo.

When Felicien's education was interrupted by COVID, he put his schooling to work by organizing farmers in his home village to better manage their finances and inventory from the harvest season. Since receiving his KEF laptop, Felicien has been able to continue his coursework and research. With COVID-19 continuing to interrupt classes, he is also able to follow along virtually, staying safe and healthy without compromising his educational journey. Just like our donors, Felicien understands the importance of technology in the education realm and beyond.

Thanks to the hard work of our amazing team of donors and supporters, students like Felicien have been matched with laptops all across the globe. We here at KEF are so grateful for the efforts and ambition of all of our supporters, and we look forward to providing many more students with the tools necessary to be the change they wish to see in their communities.


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