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KEF Alumnus Speaks on the Impact of KEF for His Career, and Community

The following is a guest post is written by KEF Alumnus, Kayaka, a medical clinical officer in Uganda:

Kayaka in his medical clinic in Uganda

From the day KEF approved my application and connected me to my mentor, Dr. Bob, that is when I started feeling a sense of humanity because I had lost hope of completing my academics due to lack of support both financially and psychologically, but my mentor and KEF have done wonders in my life.

I started feeling a sense of humanity

Indeed this KEF program has changed my life and my community at large, so far I have the most organised medical clinic which is equipped with laboratory services, general medicine, dental and antenatal services. And all these, if it wasn't for Dr. Bob’s support and advice, I wouldn't be having such! I will always love him.

Despite the COVID 19 pandemic, my work has not shut down, I am performing to my best capabilities and I promise to continue to expand my project till I achieve my future goal of having a big hospital for my community. I am not only investing in medical care but also investing in other activities, for constant income generation, so that I inspire other younger people in my community too, ‘that it is through hard work to have a brighter future’.

I thank KEF and Dr. Robert for loving me as a child and I pray that we shall keep this international relationship because I feel more attached to you than anyone in the universe. I promise to be loyal, obedient, and polite to you forever, ‘Dr. Bob’.

--KEF Alumnus, Kayaka


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