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Meet our 400th Student Sponsored

We are so excited to announce our 400th student sponsored: Victoria Gakor from Ghana.

It is difficult to describe Victoria with anything less than an autobiography.

As she said herself, “I am a goal-driven lady.”

Victoria has lived by a code of determination and strength her entire life. After her father’s death at age four, she and her siblings were told they would never make anything of themselves. A lack of financial resources promised a lifetime of poverty and hunger. Yet, the judgment and doubt of her community fueled Victoria’s ambition, rather than stifling it. After graduating high school, she spent three years working menial jobs to pay for her college education- an integral step towards Victoria’s dreams of becoming a STEM superstar. She is passionate about learning and identifying the causes of diseases so that her community members can receive proper diagnosis and treatment. Victoria plans to research more effective methods of sickle-cell anemia identification and open a private Medical Laboratory- some profits of which would go towards educating vulnerable children in her community.

“A Ghanaian philosopher once said, if you educate a man, you educate an individual. But if you educate a woman, you educate the entire nation.” --Victoria


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